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My business category is not listed under the starter, professional, and enterprise kits. Can you still help me? 

Yes please send an email to and we will get you started. 

If I choose the Enterprise Package will you need personal info from me, such as my social security number and date of birth to launch my business? 

Most of the time we will need this information to provide to the state and federal agencies on your behalf. It is kept fully confidential, and you will be notified every time it needs to be used. 

Why is the cost of the Enterprise Package separate from the fees required to license my business?

The Enterprise Package fee is the cost you pay to us for doing the foot work for you. The licensing fees are the fees required by the state and federal agencies to legalize your business. The Pretty Grind does not keep any of the money used to pay the licensing fees. 

Do I have to pay the licensing costs up front?

No. You have to pay for the package upfront so we can begin working on your business, but we don't charge you for the licensing fees until the business is ready to launch. We pay the licensing fees up front for you, and you reimburse us when we completely launch your business. 

I don't see my question. Can I email you?

Yes, please email us at